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Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Barbican Non-alcoholic Beer

Say what? Non-alcoholic beer? I know I know, for you beer drinkers out there, this is a scam! a rip-off! or a drink for sissies! Well, true or false, lets see whats the fuss all about. Although it has been on shelves for quite a while, I only recently purchased one from the local supermarket with a price of RM 2.90.

Made in Dubai, Barbican contains almost similar ingredients to beer such as malt and hops but importantly lacks the fermentation process that makes traditional alcoholic beers. Barbican also comes in a variety of flavors namely apple, lemon, and raspberry to name a few.

Non-Alcoholic Beer

But if you really want to get the taste of beer, I recommend you go with the original as the other fruity flavors taste more like fizzy drinks with barely any hint of beer. Served very cold, it doesn't taste too bad if you can get over the fact that there's no alcohol in it. Not a bad casual drink in a non-drinkers party and I would say its healthier than carbonated drinks, just like regular beer ;)

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