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Thursday, 18 November 2010

Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens

I just celebrated my birthday last week and I would like to thank my friends and family for the presents and good food. Before we go there, last month we celebrated a friend's birthday with some salmon galore! Brenda is a sucker for anything Japanese and so, we surprised her with a trip to Sushi Zanmai.

Zanmai (1)

Coincidentally, its also my first visit to the franchise and boy was it a welcome change from Sushi King. After the last disappointing RM2 Bonanza, I was getting pretty bored with Sushi King. Now, I have something better to look forward to. First of all, I must thank Suzanne for allowing me to take these wonderful pictures using her Canon EOS550D. I had a blast with it and even although I do not own a DSLR yet, these shots turned out good enough :)

Zanmai (2)

This Sushi Zanmai branch at The Gardens exudes Japanese from the get go. The entrance, the welcoming staff, the lighting, wooden panels, and ambiance made me feel like I was in Japan for real.

Zanmai (3)

Some sushi from the belt as a warm up; Unagi Sushi (RM6.80) is served with big slices of succulent and tasty eel goodness. Freshwater eel population is in swift decline and its only a matter of time before unagi dishes disappear entirely from Japanese restaurants. Its sad but true.

Zanmai (4)

This is another sushi item from the belt. Didn't try it though, so I have no idea what it is :p As a red-plate, its also RM6.80.

Zanmai (5)

Chicken Yakitori (RM6.80) is another appetizer with juicy and tender skewered chicken pieces.

Zanmai (6)

Soft Shell Crab Maki (RM6.80) is a true delight with the fried crab going well with the rice and salmon roe exterior.

Zanmai (7)

We had 2 orders of Sukiyaki (RM15.80) on our table of 6. A crowd favorite at Sushi Zanmai; thin slices of beef is served with a boiling mini gas-stove powered pot of miso soup, vegetables and wild mushrooms. The beef slices are so thin that they only require only 3 dips before it can be eaten. A refined and hearty Japanese dish.

Zanmai (8)

I know I know. I got a bashing for ordering Chicken Katsudon (RM8.80). I wasn't sure what to eat and just felt like eating chicken and rice. I learned my lesson. Don't order chicken in a Japanese restaurant. I'm not saying the dish was bad. On the contrary. The dish was fulfilling with good portions of deep fried battered chicken served with egg and rice but the truth was, Sushi Zanmai's other dishes were so good, this pales in comparison.

Zanmai (9)

If there had to be a creme de la creme for Sushi Zanmai, it has to be their Salmon Sashimi (RM13.80). This large plate serves 7 slices of the best salmon meat I have tasted in my life! A true melt in the mouth delight and exhibits Sushi Zanmai's quality for a dish that requires ultimate freshness. Since we couldn't get enough of this, we ordered another medium plate for RM10.80 :)

Zanmai (10)

And just when we though nothing could top that, the Spider Roll (RM12.80) knocked us off our seats! Soft shell crab roll topped with avocado and cod roe mayonnaise, I cannot recommend anything better than this!

Zanmai (11)
It was truly a wonderful Japanese experience and I'm sure even the birthday girl went back happy. Heck, she ate nearly a whole plate of salmon! If that doesn't make her happy, nothing will ;) And so again, Happy Birthday Brenda!

People mostly assume Sushi Zanmai is a pricier version of Sushi King. This could be due to Zanmai's more classy appearance but this is far from the truth. Zanmai prices are nearly similar with SK and some items are even cheaper. With SK standards dropping these days and Zanmai serving better on quality and quantity, I highly recommend Sushi Zanmai over Sushi King on any day.

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Linda said...

You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so blessed and lucky to have amazing and wonderful people around you and being able to spend your very special day with them. Thats the most important above all! Love all the pictures!

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