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Friday, 26 November 2010

Frontera Sol of Mexico @ Jaya One

I celebrated my birthday a couple of weeks back and SS treated me to some awesome Mexican stuff. Thanks gal! :) After experiencing a highly satisfying Mexican delight at Las Carretas last month, it was hard to think anything could top that. And was I wrong about that.

Frontera (1)

Although the atmosphere at Las Carretas excelled at bringing out the best of Mexico, Frontera showed its Mexican passion in its authentic dishes and tequila-infused drinks. Burritos, chipotle, fajitas, chilli con corne, enchiladas, and cheeseburgers are the order with the day together with a variety of margaritas and no less than 6 types of tequilas to choose from!

Frontera (2)

Dining area is reasonably lit but it could have borrowed more from the Mexican theme as how Las Carretas has done.

Frontera (3)

You can't go to a Mexican place and not order a margarita. Hence, introducing the Horny Margarita (RM22.95). A weird name for a margarita but besides that, the HM is a real knocker; infused with Sauza Hornitos 100% blue agave tequila and good till the last drop! Frontera supposedly serves the best margaritas in town, and by the taste of the HM alone, I can only conclude that to be true. There are about 4-5 other margaritas to choose from which are pricier than this, which can only mean better.

Frontera (4)

To start off things, we ordered the Frontera Fiesta Platter (RM34.95) which comprises of (clockwork from top) Stuffed Jalapenos, Habanero Hot Wings, Golden Chicken Tender, and Taquitos de Pollo served with salsa verde, honey mustard, and blue cheese dips. The stuffed jalapenos at Frontera are way spicier than those at Las Carretas and my guess is the seeds are left intact, giving it a real spice kick. Golden chicken tender were some reasonable boneless fried chicken that went very well with the dips, and the famous Taquitos de Pollo are hand-wrapped corn tortillas filled with chicken and then flash fried. A highly recommended starter, especially if you're in groups of 3-4.

Frontera (6)

Oh wait, I missed one more. Habanero hot wings! Its literally hell on Earth! There's 3 levels of spiciness to choose from but I can only remember the one that mattered.. The spiciest.. The Inferno! I know I know.. It might blow a hole in my tummy or intestines, but how can I leave this place without trying the hottest wings in Malaysia?! And then the moment of truth. After your first bite, you might feel you have this monster under control, but after a while it hits you with all guns ablaze! Frontera's Habanero hot wings is not only damn hot, it taste good as well. I would have eaten my second piece of wing, but I didn't want to order too much water :p Order this with your crazy friends, and watch them cry. Remember.. Inferno!

Frontera (5)

We also ordered their Chili Cheese Burger (RM22.95) upon the waiter's recommendation. Big, juicy, spicy, and tasteful; a burger that could easily fill 2 tummies, the CCB is topped off with a layer of cheese and the best chili con corne I have tasted in my life! Forget Chili's non-spicy or Wendy's watery version, the chili con corne here is spicy, chunky, and the way a good chili con corne is meant to be. You can also order their chili con corne separately which is served with onions and nachos.

Frontera (7)

On the house for the birthday boy; chocolate brownie with ice cream :) At this point, I was too full. But what can I say, it was good :)

Frontera (8)

Lets just say it didn't end there. Although she denies it wholeheartedly, it felt like SS was getting her sweet revenge for me making her down that tequila on her last birthday :p Anyways, with 6 types of tequilas to choose from, here's the Sauza Gold (RM14). Clear and easy going stuff.

Frontera (9)

Being me with itchy fingers, I was wondering how would the Sauza Gold compare to the others. So I decided to try a shot of 1800 Anejo (RM16). If the Sauza Gold tasted lighter and clearer, the 1800 was stronger and richer in taste. Frontera tend to have promotions on their tequila shots which can go as low as RM50 for 6 shots. So do look out for them.

Overall it was an awesome birthday dinner and one that I wont be forgetting anytime soon ;) If I had to compare Frontera to Las Carretas, I would say Las Carretas gets my thumbs up for their ambiance,decor, and superior customer service, whereas Frontera nudges ahead in the dining and drinking department, but both represent excellent Mexican dining destinations in town.

Frontera Sol of Mexico
18-G-2, Blok L, Jaya One
Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-79588515


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