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Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Dirt Cheap Beers of Langkawi!


Well as you know, I just got back from Langkawi and that's right, duty-free baby! And so I decided to go on a beer-tasting spree. Sadly, I only tried 4 brands as I couldn't find a duty-free store that sold more beer varieties.

And to start off; Heineken. I guess this is the baseline right? Who needs a Carlsberg or Tiger in Langkawi when you can get this for only RM2.70! On the beach under the warm Sun, an ice-chilled Heineken is the only other thing you'll ever need ;)



Next up is the king of beers? Maybe in the US as its the highest selling beer there; the Budweiser. At RM2.80, I still prefer that ice-chilled Heineken.


I would have killed myself if I didn't try a Hoegaarden in Langkawi. Heck its only RM3.50! A recent check at the local supermarket puts Hoegaarden at a ridiculous RM12.55 per bottle! That's 9 ringgit worth of rubbish tax. What a waste.

Smooth white beer goodness with Curacao orange peel hovering at the bottom of the bottle, distinctive of a Hoegaarden white. Its smoothness can be really tasted if you drink it after having some sharper beers such as Tiger or stouts. Packed 6 of these babies back home to share among friends.


Last but not least, my cousin Andrew recommended I try a Strongbow at RM4.20. And so I did. This had to be the best of the lot. Even though its more apple cider than beer, Strongbow Dry Cider is highly refreshing and a killer drink in taste with also a higher alcohol content of 5.3%. I regret only buying one of these :(

Anyhow, that was the beer portion of my Langkawi trip. Next up, the eateries of Langkawi! Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

Oh my! Dirt cheap! Can you share with me about where to stay in Langkawi and how far is it to move from the hotel in order to get these beers?! I'm planning to go for a holiday in Langkawi soon :)


rubinho said...

Dear Cecilia,

Mind you that these prices are back in 2010. They are still cheap now albeit slightly higher. You can find beer in Langkawi eveywhere; airport, town, petrol station, small shops. Hard liquors are better purchased at the airport to avoid those imitation ones.

Accommodation depends on your budget, but personally I prefer those cheap stays located right on the beach along Pantai Cenang. Try Malibest. You can google them.

Burau Bay is quite run down.

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