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Thursday, 9 December 2010

Double Birthday Bash @ Brussels, Jaya One

SS celebrated my birthday a month back and now together with current birthday boy Edwin, the rest of the gang decided to throw us a surprise double birthday dinner at Brussels Beer Cafe.

Brussels (1)

Brussels is the capital of Belgium and its not surprising that everything Belgian can be found here. From gourmet sausages and liquor-infused seafood to the widest variety of beer I've seen anywhere. The name 'beer cafe' can find no better home. Brussels serves 9 draft beers, 7 German beers, 3 varieties of Leffe, and 2 varieties of Hoegaarden. Prices here are also very reasonable and you can opt for smaller portions of 330ml as well, suitable if you're on a beer-tasting trip.

Brussels (2)

As much as the variety of beers was tempting, this was a purely foody occasion as we had 6 hungry mouths to feed at the table :p We opted to order a couple of dishes to share out and this included a Weekend Dinner 3-Course Meal (RM35) which includes your choice of starter, main course, and dessert. Ours was Brushetta, Lamb Shank, and Orange Waffles.

Brussels (3)

A side serving of Mushroom Soup (RM9.80); thick and creamy but a bit too sweet for my taste.

Brussels (4)

The Belgian Sausage Platter (RM28.80) is a good choice for sharing with 3 varieties of sliced Belgian sausages served with some mashed potatoes and 2 dipping sauces. The two fat sausages had good flavor and a nice salty touch to them while the thinner one was a bit on the average side.

Brussels (5)

A Belgian eatery serving better Fettucini than Italiannies? You got that right! Brussels' Carbonara Fettucini (RM20.80) is to die for and I rate it a 5 out of 5 and one that you should not miss on your visit here!

Brussels (6)

The Lamb Shank from the 3-course meal was good value with sizable amounts of tender and juicy meat served with mashed potatoes and pickled capsicum (stoemp).

Brussels (7)

Brussels' Pork Knuckle (RM48.80) is a humongous serving of pork layers from its crispy crackling skin, to its sinful fatty layer, and down to its lean meaty depths. Definitely not for those who can't stomach a lot of meat but although its was good, I'm sure its not the best pork knuckle out there. I also prefer my pork knuckles uncut. I like fighting and chopping up my meat, the way nature intended it to be :)

Brussels (8)

To finish off the 3-course meal, Orange Waffles; a small piece of waffle topped with vanilla ice cream and doused with orange essence and garnishing. A simple, sweet, and satisfying dessert.

Brussels (9)

Oh wait, there's more! Complimentary chocolate brownies for the birthday boys! Rich and delightful, I was full after a couple of bites. Luckily I have some heavy eaters as friends :p

Brussels (10)

Overall, it was a good dining experience at Brussels Beer Cafe. The weekend dinner 3-course meal is a real value for money deal and can easily be shared by 2, leaving room for some of Brussels extensive choice of premium beers. Thank you dear friends for the planning that went into this and next time we shall come here for the beers instead aite? ;)

Happy shopping and getting prepared for Christmas everyone! You know its that time of the year when every restaurant comes out with their Christmas menus and roast turkey takeaways ;)

Brussels Beer Cafe
L-20-G, Block L, Jaya One
Petaling Jaya

Tel: 03-79542000

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