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Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Junes Vacation Apartment @ The Maple At Sentul West

While attending my cousin's wedding in Sentul, I got the chance to stay at The Maple; a beautiful and high-end condominium residence down in Sentul West. Junes Vacation Apartment is a collective of condominium units here at The Maple managed by the husband and wife couple of Peter and June. They manage and rent out selected units here to vacation-goers on behalf of the owners of the units. Details and rates can be obtained from their website.

Junes Apartment (1)

First and foremost, I have to say this is the best condominium I have walked into in my life! It was more of a hotel suite than a condominium unit. Each unit comprises of:

- Spacious living room with long couches, flat panel TV, stereo sub woofer system, DVD player, and wireless router with internet access

Junes Apartment (2)

- Balcony with sliding sound-resistant glass door

Junes Apartment (3)

- 3 bedrooms with up to 8-person sleeping capacity
- 2 bathrooms with 1 bathtub and hot-water ready

Junes Apartment (4)

- Kitchen counter with basic amenities provided
- Items such as bottled water and carbonated drinks are charged separately

Junes Apartment (5)

A peek out the balcony and you can see what The Maple has to offer in terms of outdoor activity. Swimming pools, jacuzzi, tennis and squash courts are among the facilities available here and they are all kept in good condition. For an apartment that has been up and running for 5 years, I'm  amazed by its cleanliness and tidiness of its surroundings.

Junes Apartment (6)

A kids maze aka Potter's Maze and green walking paths add to the natural feel of the area which lies on the 3rd floor of the condominium.

Junes Apartment (7)

If The Maple was a cake, then the infinity pool has to be its icing. Overlooking Sentul Park and with relaxing beds provided just next to the pool, its an ideal place to de-stress and relax. That's if there's no kids splashing around :p

Junes Apartment (8)

Located just next to Sentul Park, The Maple offers joggers a fantastic jogging-track among lush greenery and lively pockets of ponds teeming wit ducks, fishes, and even aquatic terrapins.

Junes Apartment (9)

At Sentul Park, you can also find the beloved Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre or KLPAC. Now a night of acting and musical is only a 10-minute walk away. The picture on the right above shows The Maple from KLPAC.

Junes Apartment (10)

An ideal location for enthusiastic photographers to capture unique structures and surroundings.

Junes Apartment (11)

Also in Sentul Park, the Koi Centre and a Japanese eatery within its grounds.

Junes Apartment (12)

The Maple is definitely there when it comes to excellent condominium living. But it comes at a higher price which justifies what you get. Security here is also very tight with 2 guard houses to pass through and doors on each level that are only accessible by the unit owner's card.

So if  you happen to be looking for a place to put up with your group of friends or family, do consider Junes Vacation Apartment. Peter and June are both very friendly and will attend to your every need promptly and swiftly.

I must thank my aunt Vasantha and cousin Andrew for the chance to check this place out.

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