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Saturday, 22 January 2011

Restoran S. Sukumaran @ Subang Jaya SS14 (Updated)

Time to chow down on some Subang delight! I've settled down in my new room which comes with a pet golden retriever! How awesome is that!

I'm relatively new to Subang Jaya and Petaling Jaya but with the wonders of the internet, you can feel instantly knowledgeable :p Anyhow, this is one Indian restaurant I've been to several times before and I must say that the taste and quality of their food hasn't dipped in a few years. That is a sign of a very good establishment.

Sukumaran (2)

Restoran S. Sukumaran is located along the row of shop houses on the left as you drive along SS14. I'm sorry I don't have much pictures on this place. I feel a bit weird when it comes to taking pictures in an Indian restaurant. Maybe its because I'm conscious on what they'll be thinking; an Indian guy taking pictures of Indian food? Is he stealing ideas for his restaurant or just crazy? Well I got this plate of awesome fried onions as a teaser for you :)

Sukumaran (1)

Their Chicken Varuval and Mutton Masala are also quite tasty and they have more than your typical vegetable selection during lunchtime.

Sukumaran (3)

On my next visit here for dinner, I decided to try their breads. Garlic Ghee Naan served with green bean gravy was not bad. Plenty of garlic to go around.

Sukumaran (5)

Their Raava Thosai was also satisfactory but I made the mistake of asking it to be extra crispy as it came close to burned. So I shall stick to the normal order next time :) Credit for their coconut and chili chutney. Better than most places out there.

Sukumaran (6)

I however advise those dining here at night to avoid taking fried items from the warmer as they mite have been there for a while. I say this because the fried chicken I took was pretty dry and cold. Don't get me wrong. These same items are tasty and awesome during lunchtime when they are hot and fresh.

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