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Sunday, 17 August 2008

Home Grilled Chicken

Well as you all know from my other blog, I've just started working. That means less time to hunt for good places to eat, lunch at mediocre Malay shops nearby, and mostly simple home cooked food for dinner. That's why weekends are now a blessing not only for a break, but better food =)

My sis was down for a couple of days before her exams. So she prepared some of her usual western-themed dining. Well its better than the burger and ham combos I make due to time constraints :p

She likes making the marinate for this grilled chicken pieces by herself and I can't interfere. So I'm not sure what she dumps inside. But its tasty, so I'm not complaining :p

Salad with minimal dressing for the health conscious, crispy garlic bread, and home-made pepper sauce completes this simple and fulfilling dinner =)

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